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The Copyright Private Levy in Greek Law

The reproduction of works protected by copyright for private use is permitted under the law without the need for the acquisition of the author’s permission (Article 5 § 2b of Directive 2001/29 / EC, Article 18 § 1 N. 2121/1993). In exchange for recognizing the freedom of users for the private use of protected works […]

The Regulation of the Separate Sale of Regulated Retail Roaming Services in the EU

In its Digital Agenda for Europe the European Union has set roaming as a “key performance target” for attaining the digital single market. The Commission aims to meet this target through the reduction of the difference between roaming and national tariffs to zero by 2015. Nevertheless, the 2002 regulatory framework for electronic communications has not […]

Data Protection Law in Greece

Greece is a member state of the Council of Europe, having therefore implemented the CoE 1981 Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data into Greek law (see Act no. 2068/1992). According to article 9 of the Greek Constitution the privacy and family life are recognised as inviolable rights. […]

(English) Key Regulatory Bodies in the Greek Media Sector

The Greek media market is supervised by five separate independent regulatory authorities, i.e. the electronic communications NRA (NTPC), the Hellenic competition commission (HCC), the data protection authority (DPA), the authority for the protection of the confidentiality of communications (CCA) and the gaming regulation commission (GRC). This has led to significant over – regulation of the […]

(English) The Regulation of Information Society Services in Greek Law

The Greek legal order does not follow a convergent approach in the regulation of the telecoms and information society services’ sectors. As a result, electronic communications networks and media content are regulated by different frameworks of law. Thus, information society service providers are defined as undertakings, which provide any service normally provided for remuneration, at […]


The internet has undoubtedly created a new dimension of human activity and given birth to a new social typology. Cyberspace and the information society are no longer an abstract impression of a distant future. On the contrary, these phenomena tend to prevail in our everyday lives and change the way we live, think and communicate. […]