Confidentiality of Communications

According to article 19 παρ. 1 of the Greek Constitution, the confidentiality of communications is absolutely inviolable except for national security reasons and for the criminal investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crimes. The main law governing the confidentiality of communications is the Act no. 2225/1994 (GG 121/A/20-07-1994). This Act stipulates the conditions and the

Electronic Communications

Greece is a member of the World Trade Organisation and the International Telecommunication Union, having therefore implemented both the WTO 1996 Reference Paper on Basic Telecommunications and the ITU 1989 International Telecommunication Regulations into Greek law. The 2002 EU Regulatory Framework on electronic communications was implemented in Greek law on January 17, 2006 with the

Personal Data

Greece is a member state of the Council of Europe, having therefore implemented the CoE 1981 Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data into Greek law (see Act no. 2068/1992). According to article 9 of the Greek Constitution the privacy and family life are recognised as inviolable rights.